Indulge & Relax: New Year, New Look, New Panic? By Molly Robinson

Read below as Molly, our Education Co-Coordinator, speaks the truth about New Year’s dieting.  She explains why treating yourself to desert isn’t all that bad, and provides us with fun and healthy alternatives that JMU and Harrisonburg offer!


The holidays bring a lot of dessert and delectable food that we love, and, so when talk about resolutions begins, weight and dieting are the first items to cross most of our minds.

One of my friends said that she was looking into doing the Atkins diet after New Years. I told her that the founder of the diet, Robert Atkins suffered from a heart attack that some doctors think is due to his unbalanced nutrient intake.

Bottom line is that there is no easy fix for the urge to counterfeit the holiday indulgence, but there are simple solutions to feeling good about your body and to loose the negativity about holiday indulgences.

It’s ok to indulge. In fact, indulging in your favorite foods when you’re hungry is one way to fight off binge eating. I love ice cream, and I eat a bowl a day; this helps me ward away my desire to eat the entire gallon-seized carton on certain Saturday nights. I keep a bag of candy on my desk at all times and go for a handful when I want it. The Positivity Blog highlighted tips to fight binge eating and put no dieting at the top of their list. Also, if there is no medical reason that you need to worry about your weight, than weight loss after holidays should not be the instantaneous fix to negative emotion surrounding holiday indulgences.

Instead, indulge in your favorite foods when you want to. Having fatty or sugary foods (or in my case, both) in moderation is more than okay. Work in an activity weekly that helps you relax and maintain inner balance whether it’s yoga in UREC, the local puppy farm or lavender farm, or the Harrisonburg’s Farmer Market.

When learning how to create a healthy you in 2013, there are several great resources at JMU that can offer some comfort.  One is UREC’s Nutritional Analysis, where a nutritional  analyst meets with you to discuss decencies and excesses in your diet and how to approach a healthy meal plan.  Another resource is the HOPE (Help Overcome Problems with Eating and Exercise) program at JMU, which offers a dietitian.

At Operation Beautiful, we are more than happy to give you our support for your positive and sweet 2013! 

-Molly Robinson


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