Healthy Resolutions by Sarah Van Peenen

Read below as Sarah, the secretary of Operation Beautiful, offers advice about the beginning of 2013 and the new year resolutions that come with it.  Sarah gives tips about setting healthy resolutions, instead of unrealistic and harmful ones.  Take a look!
Occupied machinery, lines at the jac-card desk, occasionally having to wait to even enter the cardio room…..if you’ve been to UREC at all over the past few weeks you know exactly what I’m talking about. The only thing that can explain the spontaneous overflow of gym rats is the ringing in of a new year. As frustrating as it is to go into a completely and sometimes overly packed gym, it’s inspiring! So many new years resolutions are being carried through before the work load gets heavy. If getting fit or leading a healthier lifestyle is one of your resolutions, good for you! Don’t forget a couple important things to incorporate in your new healthy lifestyle.

1. There are no bad foods! Once you realize that, you won’t feel like you have to limit yourself or cut certain things out because they’re “not healthy”. What IS bad is eating foods in copious amounts. MODERATION is key!!
2. Exercise is important! Figure out what y0u like to do. Not what is going to burn the most calories. If you enjoy it, it won’t be such a burden and you’ll see the results.
3. Just like eating foods that you like, exercise should be done in moderation as well. Don’t make it your life, but don’t completely avoid it.
4. If you want to succeed, set realistic goals for yourself. When I don’t make it to the gym on a day I was planning to, I don’t sweat it. Sometimes there are other priorities that are more important.
5. Even the healthiest health nuts splurge. When I do, I just promise to do something good for my body the next day. I don’t beat myself up anymore because that only makes it worse.

So! Think about foods you consider “bad” and try to incorporate them into your diet moderately and in a way you can thoroughly enjoy them without worrying about how many calories there are. Try finding a workout buddy to come with you to your favorite fitness classes or practices. Before you know it, you’re going to be an expert on living a healthy lifestyle.
-Sarah V.


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