Meet Our Exec: Hannah

Hannah Foley
ImagePosition: President
Studying: Health Communications 

“I think that a healthy body image is so important because when our vision is clouded by concerns for the way we look, we lose sight of the important things in life, our relationships with our family and friends, and our true priorities fall out of line. We often forget that “perfect” is not “real” – you are enough, just the way you are! Confidence and healthy body image bring out the best self we can be and once we can accept ourselves, we are capable of achieving anything – A happy you is a beautiful you”

“I hope that this club and this blog can share the importance of being healthy and being able to maintain positive body image. My goal is to teach others how valuable it is to have a healthy body image and the amazing impact it can have on your life. I hope that by spreading this message we will be able to change the conversation around body image by rejecting fat talk and eliminating the obsession around the thin ideal on this campus and in our everyday lives!”


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