Meet Our Exec: Louise

Louise Lehmuller

ImagePosition: Vice President
Studying: Business Marketing & Media Arts and Design

“In this day and age our society is so caught up in the thin ideal and we lose sight of the true definition of beauty: what lies within us. Size should never define your beauty and who you are and are able to become. We idolize celebrities and models and are constantly being told what the ideal body image is. Our physical appearance does not equal our character and ability to succeed in this world. The healthy body image comes in all shapes and sizes and is achieved when we love the skin we are in.”
“I would like to uphold relations both internally and externally with other organizations. I will hold members and the exec accountable to upholding Operation Beautiful’s creed and beliefs. I would really like to see Operation Beautiful expand with its member count and its ability to raise awareness of the positive body image and help eliminate the thin ideal. I want people to take as much out of Operation Beautiful as I am. Beauty is being unique and just being you. No diet pill, magazine, or workout tape can help achieve that.”


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